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 Friends of Tracy Fluty:


The following practioners are highly recommended by Tracy whose worked with them for years. Their unique gifts as Healers and Light-workers are unparalleled . Each may have appeared as a featured special guest to one of our workshops or events. Feel free to contact them for an appointment. I list them here for you voluntarily, and accept no monetary donation for promotion. They are, "The Best of the Best" Be well  xoxo

Zelda Hotaling
Native American Shaman and Artisan

Zelda Hotaling is raised in the Native American Traditions of the Mohawk people, The Haudenosaunee. She grew up on Kahnawaka Reservation in Canada she began receiving her teachings as a child with the Elders and building her relationship with Creator.

She offers Spiritual Counseling, Drum Making for you and your group, "Reading of the Bones" and how to honor, connect and or make peace with the spiritual world around you.  Tru;ly a gifted earth and spiritual worker.

Zelda holds the Sacred Dream Circles project "SHIFTS HAPPENS IN 3'S AND BEYOND". She uses to promote healing through sound vibrations with the Crystal Bowls, Drums and Rattles. Her gifts are Clairvoyance's and Spirit Guide Healing work.  Her dream and vision is being part of the amazing energy shift Mother Earth has manifested!

Looking for SAGE and how to use it?  Zelda makes it and can instruct you! Variety of workshops to attend, too!



Find her on Facebook ZELDA HOTALING

Diane M. Foster
Master Energy Practitioner

Diane is certified as a Master Practitioner in both Usui and Karuna Reiki® and has also obtained her certification as an Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Instructor. She has studied Jin Shin Jyutsu® and will receive her Practitioner Certification in Metatronic Healing® in 2017. She is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals® and also an Ordained Minister.

Through receiving Master Attunements in the various disciplines of energy, Diane has developed a Signature Energy Session utilizing all modalities she has studied. This allows her to intuitively feel and remove energy blocks within a client’s energy field, feel and realign energy flows that are out of alignment as well as to see their energy pattern (SoulDNA).

Each session is unique to every client as she connects with their spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, totem animals, past lives and more for the healing of their whole being.

Her philosophy is a simple one...

 “To do all things for the highest and greatest good of all, and to try to balance my human ego with my spiritual self so they are in harmony. These things I strive for each and every day.”



FB: Diane M Foster – Energy Worker

Sharon LaPier
Animal Communicator
& Intuitive
Sharon is on Facebook

Sharon LaPier has been communicating with horses and other animals her whole life; specializing in equine communication.  She has "spoken" with dogs, cats, hamsters and even lizards.  Sharon is also able to communicate with deceased animals.


Sharon is a Certified Equine Sport Massage Therapist through Equissage-NENY and a Reiki 1 Practitioner.



Marci Ross
Certified Angel Reader & Intuitive Medium

Marci is a natural visionary & empath.  She channels messages of love, wisdom and healing through angelic realms and transitioned loved ones. Working with the Angels ensures that the information and the energy received is trustworthy of the LIght and the purist vibrations and intentions.  

Marci has been a professional and Certified Angel Reader for over 30 years. She has traveled with her gifts up and down the eastern seaboard for individual, party and corporate events. She is highly sought after for her accuracy, authenticity and professionalism.

Marci is a Certified Transpersonal Counselor (AIWP 2001), Tarot Proficiency (ATA 2001), Angel Certified Practitioner (Doreen Virtue Program 2011), & Certified Medium (Doreen Virtue Program 2012).

She has been a Reader with the former Among Angels of Clifton Park, NY and of Holistic Studies Institute of Albany, NY.



Available for private and group sessions. Seasonal at times. Call for availability.














Angel Statue
Laurie Roberson
Travel Coordinator

Laurie has been a close friend of Tracy’s and the Elemental Mediums team for many years. In 2016, they joined forces to create unforgettable experiences for you! Laurie brings to us years of event and travel planning expertise.  She coordinates and helps facilitate events for Tracy and EMs with their day and overnight events, as well as vendor fairs and other showcases.

Laurie is a certified Travel Consultant and manages her own company; A Suite Experience Travel, where she specializes in tropical destinations that feature all-inclusive resorts and cruises. Before devoting her time to the EM and the travel industry, she was in an executive administrative role for 17 years at a large corporation where she was responsible for Senior Management travel coordination, as well as large scale meeting and event planning.


See Laurie by visiting and following her company on Facebook and Instagram.


Contact: 518.265.4359

Sandy Menzer
Certified Spiritual Intuitive & MasterTarot Reader and Teacher

Sandy became a certified Spiritual Intuitive by the Association for the Integration of the Whole Person (AIWP: 2000) and has been consulted as a Master Tarot Reader with a nationally recognized, professional advice service known as since 2001. Corporate events and businesses along the east coast have sought her as a talented Intuitive and Psychic Entertainer for their events stretching from New York, to the Carolinas and Florida.  Sandy also teaches Tarot and Intuitive workshops as well as provides her intuitive services for both individual readings and “home parties”. Sandy’s natural psychic talent utilizes the ancient practices of Tarot & Astrology to provide her client with a wide range of topics for their spirit to connect with. She has been heard on several radio stations where she became a radio personality for a monthly segment, “Intuitive Tuesday” (2009-2010).  Sandy has been featured in the October 2009 and September 2010 issues of “Capital Region Living Magazine”.  She had her first article published entitled, “Steps to Improve Your Spiritual Self”, which appeared in the January 2011 issue. For over a decade, Sandy has been seen on local TV Psychic shows such as “Psychics Galore” and “John and Anna Variety Show”, where she conducted audience readings with a spin for life path empowerment.  “I have been on a spiritual quest all of my life.  Born a Virgo (work here to be of service to others), I realized at a very early age that my mission in this lifetime is to help others ‘find their true spirit’ so that they can achieve their fullest potential mentally, emotionally and spiritually during their journey here.”

At times Sandy is in NY, other times in FLA. But always available for phone sessions.  


518-265-4872  Email:

Graveyard Crow
on facebook
Paranormal Investigation

The Shadow Seekers NY are the exclusive paranormal investigation team Tracy Fluty works with directly. Situated in Latham,  New York, Jeff and Marilyn O'Brien and team have investigated private homes and haunted businesses for over a decade. Famous investigations include The Menands Manor, Menands NY & the Fort WIlliam Henry, in Lake George, NY.

Often times, people will call Tracy to ask about Paranormal activity in the home. She then calls Marilyn and Jeff to set up your session for video and EVP proof.  Tracy only works with her professional crew who she is proud to be asked to be apart of.

Contact Marilyn directly at 1-518-788-8509 of find them on Facebook!

Maude Maynard
Reiki Master & Instructor


I began Reiki practice in 1999 (Master Level in 2001)  and soon realized that the healing work I was offering others was, in fact, shifting me into a more profound sense of self, clarity and spiritual awareness. Reiki’s effects are cumulative, gently integrating mind (consciousness) and body, offering  balance . It’s a great way to “re-set”, whether you seek Reiki as a wellness maintenance practice or in response to pain or illness. My goal as a practitioner is to empower my clients to claim their own well being.

I offer Level 1 and 2  training, advocating a commitment to daily self care, knowing that Reiki is the Teacher. I also offer reattunements for practitioners who  feel guided to refresh their commitment to the practice.

I welcome the opportunity to work with caregivers and healers , providing Reiki services to those who serve others. Reiki has been an invaluable tool and trusted companion in my own family life. From cradle to grave, as the saying goes, Reiki  supports every phase of development  effortlessly. I have practiced Reiki in the labor room, in the nursery, pre/post operatively and as part of long term care. Simple touch, loving intention and openness are all that is required.

I offer sessions by appointment in Cambridge, NY .  Home visits are possible for an additional charge. Distance healing  sessions are also available. Appointments in Saratoga will be offered  starting  January 2017. I also offer services as a Ceremonial  Minister, creating personalized ceremonies for weddings, commitments  and baby blessings, drawing from a variety of spiritual/sacred sources.

Visit my blog at :

Phone: 518.791.1000  /  Email:


James Peterson

James Peterson works as a Clinical Social Worker and is the Founder of True Heart Path. Through his many years of counseling people from all walks of life and challenges, he helps guide people back to their True Heart. His expertise as a healer is to help people to face and go through all that limits them from experiencing the power and peace of their True Self...our most natural Self!

James has spent his life counseling people and coaching them to break free from all limiting beliefs and conditions to live as their Soul! You can view his website True Heart Path(, see his True Heart Path Facebook page where he posts all over the world!

James lives in Hawaii and can conduct skype meetings with you!  518-901-8762 to schedule a phone session or skype to begin the greatest adventure of your life...returning to your True Heart



Mary McChesney is the owner of Sisters of the Earth Healing Studios in Broadalbin, NY. " I am a practicing Herbalist who has had a relationship with plants from a very young age of 8 or 9.  It all started foraging in the woods with her two great aunts who were true healers from the old country of Poland.  We would spend hours in the fields and woods picking elderberries, mushrooms, digging ginseng, picking princess pine at the start of winter to make our wreaths.  Our whole family spent all of our time in the dirt it seems.  Wonderful gardens of fresh vegies that we would plant, nourish and later can & freeze up for the long winter months. I was always mesmerized by the plant world.  This fascination for plants continued into adulthood and has turned into a lifelong passion.   For the past 5 years I have entered into herbal studies with Herb Mentor, honing in on my herbal skills, gotten Certified in Acupressure & Aroma Touch Technique. I continue my studies each year with New England Women’s Herbal Conference in NH. 

One and a half years ago I opened my healing studio offering practical & positive teachings that honor each person’s personal path in this Universe & beyond.  Crafting all kinds of natural body care products & herbal teas for people to care for their bodies in a healing and holistic way.

Key offerings: Gong Meditation, Yoga, Herbal Workshops, Healthful modalities by Nikken, Healing Drum Circles, Walk the Labyrinth for Spiritual enlightenment, Art Therapy classes, Crystal workshops, all healing modalities are welcome.

My ultimate goal is to see Herbal medicine become a part of daily life, just as it used to be in the past.  Plant medicine can once again heal our mind, body & spirit.

Blessed Be".

Contact Mary: 518-365-9251

or through Facebook: Sister's of the Earth Healing Studio, Broadalbin NY



Other Readers for group and party Readings on FB-
FB: Chrissy M Tarot or

FB: Divinely Aligned
with Medium and Healer, 
Vicki Elle

Mary McChesney

Sisters of the Earth



Homeopathic teas,



classes and workshops

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