Tracy Fluty has been conducting private and family Readings for over twenty five years with her client base stretching around the United States and now into Europe.  She is a Nationally Certified & professional Psychic Medium through the Holistic Studies Institute & American Board of Holistic Practitioners since 2009 and holds a BA from Russell Sage College in Creative Arts in Therapy (1991).  Her office is located in Latham, New York, and is handicap accessible.


Publicly, Tracy enjoys conducting presentations and workshops on several topics of spirituality for private and corporate audiences.  She is a Clairvoyant and Clairscentient- Empath. Her intuitive gifts  include Mediumship, connecting you with your family and friends who have crossed over, interpreting a person’s “aura light” so as to  provide key concepts to the individual’s life relevance and lessons, so they may enjoy their journey here more fully.

Tracy has been a radio personality for “Journey Into The Light”, with listeners from around the globe. As founder of Elemental Mediums, LLC, Tracy’s mission is to connect a wide range of legitimate, holistic and alternative Healers with individuals in our communities to bring about spiritual enlightenment and wellness, which can be found on her ‘FRIENDS’ button, here, on her website.


“Now is the time to truly love and to awaken to your mission as an eternal being living on earth.  When we work together, much can be achieved".



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Deb Morwin - Organizational Director & Co Founder


After a full career in State Government,  Deb enjoys her retirement by working with Tracy to assist in organzing major events and workshops stretching back over a decade. As Organizational Director, Deb has assisted in the coordination of public events and collaborates with venues to pull it all together bringing the consumer an unforgettable experience with Tracy and occasionally the "Friends" listed on this website.

Whether close to the home of the Capital Region of New York or around the country, she has been the wings of all public events and a Co Founder of Elemental Mediums.