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Tracy has been conducting in person and lectured Readings and workshops for over 25 years. She is a nationally recognized and certified, Professional Psychic Medium from the American Board of Holistic Practitioners/ Holistic Studies Institute of Albany, NY, since 2009. She holds a BA Degree in Creative Arts in Therapy from Russell Sage College, 1991, and has held a variety of positions in case management and rehabilitative medicine. She has been a radio personality on "Journey into the Light", International Radio, and has worked extensively in the paranormal research community with "The Shadow Seekers NY"  and the "Paranormal Scientific Research Lab" for public and private research purposes. 
She is a Clairvoyant, a Clairsentient-Empath.  She can assist you in connecting to loved ones crossed over and showing you the meaning of your life path today, past life recognition, soul mate contracts, in order to help you  maximize your personal life's journey.

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